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Billy and Me - Review

Billy and Me - Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher has somehow taken all of my favourite things and encapsulated them in this beatiful book. Tea shops, cake, Pride and Prejudice, cute little villages, London, acting, the BAFTAs, Jane Eyre, Vera Wang, Jude Law, love... There's more but I think I'll leave it for now or I might accidentally ruin the ending. I loved seeing the changes in Sophie, reading her grow from the quiet, shy and awkward intorvert in chapter 1 into the wonderful woman at the end of the book was such a joy. Molly is 100% my favourite character, I always find myself getting attatched to the sweetest people. Colin is great, there should definitely be more people like Colin in the world. And of course, Billy Buskin has now secured himself a special place in my heart, I was sold as soon as he first walked into Tea-on-the-Hill and let out that laugh, ordering his first lemon drizzle cake.Billy and Me is a great bit of cheesy romance, but the crazy storyline has a way of bringing everything back to reality and making me understand that there are ups and downs to everything. Ugh I just love, love, love Billy and Me.